Old Made New-The Coat I Adopted December 3, 2012

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The other day I went to a fantastic fundraiser called a drop and swap.  The idea was to drop off your gently used clothing you no longer wear at participating drop sights, then they would organize it all like a consignment shop and on the day of the event, you could come and fill a bag for $10 or buy a nicer item for a specified price.  What a great idea!  Who wouldn’t want to go to that?  This particular drop and swap was to raise money for a family waiting to adopt a little girl from a big city nearby.  I walked in the door and it was amazing.  Such nice clothes, jewelry, accessories, shoes, and hand crafted items filling the entire house and in the kitchen were lovely appetizers, desserts, and coffee or wine that you could purchase as well.  Let me tell you, I had fun shopping that day!  The stuff-a-bag was in the “bargain basement” but the items I found there were such nice quality that I even felt a bit guilty only paying $10 for my bag.  I also purchased some nicer items that day, one of which was this lovely green winter coat by Steve Madden.  It fit me like a glove and it is oh so warm.  It was a bit tired looking though and was missing two or three buttons.  No matter.  I had a vision for this lovely piece of warmth.  I paid $10 to take her home.

IMG_3570     IMG_3571

Right away, I took off the old buttons and went to my favorite sewing and craft shop and looked for some 1 inch buttons that had some more modern life to them.  I had a hard time finding 9, 1 inch buttons in stock that were under $5.00, but I didn’t give up and soon enough, I found these beauties.


They were meant to be mine too as there were only exactly 9 available for purchase and they were in my budget!  (One of the button cards was missing a button, so the kind clerk took half off.)  My button purchase came to $18.00

So, yesterday I sewed all 9 of my new silver buttons on my lovely green coat and gave it a good clean up and here’s what she looks like today.

IMG_3573     IMG_3575

I love that she even has two buttons on the back to keep the tie attached.  Isn’t she lovely?  (queue in Stevie Wonder singing here.)  I can’t wait to wear her, but I’ll have to wait as it’s been unseasonably warm in our neck of the woods lately.

Not only do  I feel so home-ecish and thrifty, I feel absolutely thrilled that when I wear this lovely coat, I will think of a baby who will find herself in a forever home with a family who loves her very much.  God bless her and God bless her forever family.

And so it begins!



5 Responses to “Old Made New-The Coat I Adopted”

  1. Joelle Says:

    Love finds like this! And those buttons add the perfect touch to that coat – yeah for you!

  2. Agnes Zeer Says:

    Your my kind of girl. I found the nicest things at next to new places. But what a lovely idea to take in stuff you are no long wearing and bring something home that is so useful and fun. Love your new coat and the buttons too. Blessing on you dear Katie. You are such a thrift shopper.

    By the way I really like the renovations you’ve done on your kitchen etc. Beautiful. Everything old is new again.

  3. John Dubler Says:

    Nicely done. And the price is right.

  4. Mary Says:

    Love the coat, the buttons, and especially that your “adopted” coat is helping a family adopt a little girl who needs lots of love. Your mom would be proud of your home-ecish and thrifty ways!

  5. Orla Says:

    Oh that coat is lovely!! :)

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